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Letters to Untitled

“A wide-ranging poetry collection that viscerally explores pain, trauma, and the nature of freedom...Peters has a cogent and vibrant voice, a good grasp of technique, and, most importantly, compelling things to say. It will be interesting to see where future collections will go.”
IndieReader, Editorial Review

“Author Tósìn Peters has a remarkable ability to capture the essence of pain, trauma, and the process of healing through words that resonate with authenticity... As someone who appreciates poetry that delves into the depths of human psychology and emotion, Letters to Untitled left a lasting impression...”
Readers' Favorite, Editorial Review

“A Must Read. A cleverly arranged collection of poems and prose exploring themes of pain, moving on and exploring what it means to be set free.”
Reedsy Discovery, Editorial Review

“Letters to Untitled is undeniably unapologetic in its approach while also remaining attuned to self-compassion. The continual message of overcoming (despite all the odds stacked up against you) that is imbued within these pages will surely empower, inspire, and awaken its readers.”
Eva Xan, Best-Selling Poetry Editor and Author of Esoterra

“The collection Letters to Untitled is a beautiful poetic journey, going into each letter of PTSD standing for Pain, Trauma, Shedding, Deconstruction. Some of the poems just make me want to clutch my heart as they make my heart expand in a lovely way, soothing and yet exhilarating...”
Amanda C., Author of Skin and Thoughts, Broken and Breathing

“The pace, the flow and the layouts were delicious, amazing piece. Wonderfully written. Listen, I pretty much liked the entire section of Deconstruction. As someone who has deconstructed from fundamentalist Christianity, re-discovered themselves....yeah, this MY section.”
Vanessa D., Author and Editor of Inside My Brain: Poems from an Average Girl, Forbidden Fruit and Hungry Ghost